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King Innovative™ Applied Analytics

The application of data science and modern analytics in business is as varied and diverse as business itself.

From influencing marketing content, uncovering sales opportunity and predicting results to prescribing actions.

Empower your team with applied analytics or contact us with your unique needs.

Marketing & Content

Content Development: Analyze content for gaps and opportunities into keywords and phrases to evolve and optimize content, before publishing.

Customer Care: Mine voice communications to gain insights into the voice of your customers and company representatives.

Customer & Market Sentiment: Gain crucial knowledge of customer or market sentiment through social comments, reviews, articles, surveys and more.

Customer Response: Increase campaign performance by predicting which customers are likely to respond to future campaigns.

Business Development

Harvesting Online Intel: Utilize your competitors investment in marketing technology, e-commerce, pricing and other Intel to gain competitive advantage.

Mix Modeling: Manage and optimize your ideal marketing channel, sales and media mix to drive the results you need.

Attribution Modeling: Identify how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touch-points throughout the customer decision journey.

Performance Budgeting: Utilize forecasted results to determine performance-based marketing budgets that drive cost efficiencies and effectiveness.

Customer & Market Segmentation: Identify high yield groups that are likely to have growth potential or be the most profitable.

Sales Development

Database Cleanup: Improve marketing effectiveness, sales results and customer experience by improving and maintaining data integrity.

Cross-Sell & Up-Sell: Optimize product offerings and increase customer profitability by determining which products your target customers are likely to buy.

Customer Churn: Predict which customers are likely to churn and which are highly loyal in order to identify recovery potential and drive new business.

Customer Lifetime Value: Predict the expected lifetime value of a customer, maximize ROI, identify customer groups and behavior.

Propensity to Purchase: Optimize marketing and sales time by focusing activity on prospects that are more likely to buy your products or services.


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