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Data Privacy

Providing the resources needed to better understand and manage consumer data privacy.
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Developing the data strategy needed to increase productivity & transform customer experience. 
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BI & Advanced
Transforming data into the knowledge needed to drive greater value into your markets.
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Business Development Use Cases

The application of data science and advanced analytics in development is as varied and diverse as business itself.

From influencing content, uncovering opportunity, predicting results and prescribing actions, to calculating returns.

Empower your team with these King Innovative™ use cases or contact us with your unique needs.

Business Development

Harvesting Online Intel: Harvest website data to fuel market intelligence, lead generation, grey market policing or to meet your unique needs. 

Marketing Mix: Manage and optimize your ideal marketing channel and media mix to drive the results you need.

Marketing Attribution: Identify how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touch-points throughout the customer decision journey.

Performance Budgeting: Utilize forecasted results to determine performance-based marketing budgets that drive cost efficiencies and effectiveness.

Customer & Market Segmentation: Identify high yield groups that are likely to have growth potential or be the most profitable.


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