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Data Privacy

Providing the resources needed to better understand and manage consumer data privacy.
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Data Strategy
Developing the strategy needed to identify and gather key data while managing compliance risk.
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BI & Advanced
Transforming data into the knowledge needed to drive greater value into your markets.
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Maximizing Your Data Assets

When you change the way you look at something, you change what you look at. King Innovative™ empowers business developers with transformative solutions to gain competitive advantage by doing just that.

Data Strategy Development

Do you have more data than answers? What would it mean to have the intel you need, when you need it?

What is your potential? You may need certain data for some goals and different data for others. How will you accel?

A well crafted Marketing Data Strategy answers these questions and more.

Data Transformation

Marketing is the only business discipline that requires persistent data from numerous disparate internal and external sources.

You need multi-source customer and marketing data cleansed, transformed, unified or synchronized with other systems.

Data Privacy Compliance

Your organization collects, generates and exchanges more data, with more vendors and customers than ever before.

At the same time, more regulations have been introduced, or enacted, to protect consumer data privacy (151 bills in 21 states, in 2019).

BI & Advanced Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) is the analysis of data for the purpose of gaining insights into what happened.

Advanced Analytics utilize statistical methods to build mathematical models for making predictions or decisions.

King Innovative™ incorporates "self optimization" into advanced analytics.

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