Data Accuracy

Improving sales, marketing and customer experience (CX) by maintaining data integrity.
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Data Strategy
Defining the strategy to turn data into knowledge not easily replicated by competitors.
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Extracting, unifying & transforming data to drive knowledge & your competitive advantage.
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Transforming Business Development

When you change the way you look at something, you change what you look at. King Innovative™ empowers business developers with transformative solutions to gain competitive advantage by doing just that.

Data Strategy

Do you have more data than answers? What would it mean to have the intel you need, when you need it?

What is your potential? You may need certain data for some goals and different data for others. How will you accel?

A well crafted Marketing Data Strategy answers these questions and more.

Data Transformation

Marketing is the only business discipline that requires persistent data from numerous disparate internal and external sources.

You need multi-source customer and marketing data cleansed, transformed, unified or synchronized with other systems.

Database Maintentance

If you are like most organizations about 33% of the data in your customer and prospect database(s) is inaccurate or incomplete.

Not only does this stunt marketing results and risk brand equity but it severely impairs your ability to gain insights and accelerate data initiatives.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics is the use of statistical models to improve performance of a specific task.

Algorithms utilize sample data known as "training data" to build mathematical models to make predictions or decisions.

King Innovative™ automates "self optimization" to adapt to changing data.

Communicating Knowledge

People process information more easily through visual representation but not all data visualizations are created equal.

You need data visualizations that meet the needs of those around you and intel returned to various systems so the right people can take the right action.

Change the way you look at your customer and marketing data.


Tomorrow's Knowledge Today!